A Small Madness…

I sat down at my desk today with a list of tasks. These included writing a blog post to advertise the next author in our Words with Wine series; Dianne Touchell. At the same time my brother sent me a link to a very excellent blog. Of course I clicked on the link and allowed myself to be distracted. I laughed, out loud, truly I did! The LOL happened because I related. And in that moment I decided to follow her blog. Then I remembered Dianne has a blog too. Click, click, click, and I am reading Di’s latest blog. I cried, my heart ached. I sat for a moment, staring at the screen and thought of my own experiences of grief…

T H I S.

THIS  rush of emotion.

THIS  connection to others.

This  personal observation of life.

This is why I read blogs.

I wondered why others read blogs; Google provided me with this great list of reasons.

And advertising is not on it! In fact advertising did not appear high on any list of reasons why people read blogs. But it did appear on several lists of why blogs fail! So why am I sitting here about to write what amounts to an ad? Why am I not posting deeper, more thought provoking, more entertaining observations? Good question I hear you ask.

Blogs are a niche thing. Our niche is libraries and everything they stand for. From today on you can expect to read more along these lines. Observations and stuff that will appeal to library lovers written by a library lover… and occasionally I will include info about upcoming author talks and such because they are a fabulous free library service.

Hope this appeals to you. 🙂

Oh and here’s the ad:

Dianne Touchell is an excellent speaker and writer. She is a Perth local. She is opinionated and down to earth. She writes for the Young Adult market about topics that are real and emotional and challenging. If I had teenagers in my life I would come and hear her speak. Click here to book your seat.

nb: in accordance with the City of South Perth Responsible Service of Alcohol policy, we will be serving non alcoholic wine as we anticipate some young adults attending.

A Small Madness | FRONT COVER (10 September 2014)

‘The novel deals with themes of teen sex, pregnancy, teen-parent relationships, isolation, friendship and mental illness. What makes it different from other young adult novels is its message that, in Touchell’s words, “being damaged is very, very different to being evil”. It’s one of those concepts we all struggle with when we hear about things like infanticide – our instinct is to judge, to stand firmly on the victim’s side. Sometimes that’s right. But sometimes, the perpetrator may also be a victim in another way, and that’s where misunderstanding becomes a monster. I applaud Touchell for her perspective, insight and compassionate approach to something full of grey areas.’

– Monique Mulligan Write Note Reveiws

Click here to go to Dianne Touchell’s Website



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