After the Event: Dreamer’s Pool Book Launch


The beautiful cover art by Arantza Sestayo

A packed house gave Juliet Marillier an enthusiastic welcome for the launch of first book in a new series; Dreamer’s Pool.

Juliet spoke in depth about the development of her darker characters and gave us two splendid readings. It is always such a joy to hear an author read from their own work, you hear the metre and emphasis they intended.

The que to get books signed was a testament to Juliet’s well deserved popularity. We look forward to having Juliet return for the next instalment in the Blackthorn & Grim series.


Juliet Marillier discussing dark fairy tale writing.

Juliet Marillier discussing dark fairy tale writing.

I have been asked to share the introduction I gave Juliet – so here it is:

Tonight I will introduce Juliet and her writing using my own personal experiences as I am lucky enough to call Juliet a friend.

About 4 years ago, I was introduced to Juliet’s writing via the Seven Waters series, by a friend who knew my love of all things Celtic, fairy stories, the Fantasy genre and intelligent, lyrical writing. Suffice to say I was hooked! And I went on an extended Juliet Marillier reading binge!

Seven Waters featured strong female protagonists and equally strong men, set in 9th century Ireland, amid trees and the magic of the mysterious fae – I was in fantasy heaven! The Bridei Chronicles took me to 6th century Pictish Britain this time complex men and the mystic Druidic themes were the things I loved.  Next; the Light Isles (Orkney Is) in 8th century Viking times. My favourite Juliet Marillier book; Foxmask, is from the Light Isles – so wild and full of heart, risk taking in order to be true to self, tragedy and redemption… Heart’s Blood held a darker story of magic, mystery and unexpected love. Next I turned to Juliet’s children’s books and was delighted to find more writing that captivated me, as the Shadowfell Series unfolded and a young girl discovered how to use her inner strengths and special gifts to restore balance to her lands and all who dwell there. I was lucky enough to discuss aspects of this series with Juliet as by this time we had become friends.

My friendship with Juliet began when I nervously and somewhat cheekily, approached Juliet to ask her to speak to my book club, which she very kindly did. After recognising many common interests and chatting about them, our friendship grew. Juliet is a practicing Druid and the themes of reverence for Nature and exploration of magic & mystery are woven through her books. Balancing the mystic flavour found in Juliet’s writing, she conducts thorough research of her chosen time period including the geography, animals, plants and the culture for each series. This means that historic details are correct, although Juliet does acknowledge that she has taken some liberties in order to better tell her story, so if you notice historic inaccuracy it is probably deliberate.

I have successfully recommended Juliet’s books to lovers of Historical fiction and lovers of drama because her stories are predominantly about ordinary people; people with worries and fears, hopes and dreams; people we could all relate to. People who are dealing with challenges (both external and internal) and as the story unfolds, they discover more about themselves and learn to trust and like themselves. Juliet’s stories often explore the fragile nature of relationships, trust, betrayal, love and loss and so much more.

The final common writing feature I would like to draw your attention to is that Juliet underpins many of her stories with a fairy tale and I would describe Juliet’s genre as fairy tale fantasy.

Which leads us to tonight’s book because it too has a fairy tale thread woven through it – I wonder if you can find it… But now that we have arrived at the subject of our Book Launch, I will hand over to Juliet to talk to us about and read from “Dreamer’s Pool” book one of the new Blackthorn and Grim series.

Tamara – Events Officer @ South Perth Libraries

Dreamer's Pool

Dreamer’s Pool & author



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