After the Event: Sustainable Home Audit Kit Workshop

Three information packed, practical workshops were enjoyed at South Perth Library during Sustainable September. From the questions that were asked and the comments made, it was obvious that there is interest in reducing the cost of living AND living more sustainably.


We now have four kits available for loan – just ask at the Service Counter. The kit will help you to isolate the places where $$ are literally going down the sink, through the roof or out the window.

home audit kit 001

Recognise this?

star ratings

Energy Rating stickers are found on most electrical appliances and provide information about the energy efficiency and thus the running costs. The more stars the better right? Except that the sticker only compares products in the same categories. Did you know that not all TVs are in the same category? and therefore are not compared equally? Same goes for Fridges and lots of other products.

The trick is to compare the kWh – the lower the number the better the economy = more savings and more sustainable. For more info check out the Energy Rating website.

imagesFFVB4GJ8star rating on tv


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