After the Event: Road to Hanging Rock

So I’m still Hanging! Barbara managed to tell us all about the book without giving the story away…

What I did find out was that it was a trip to northern New South Wales that led Barbara to contemplate just what happened to the girls who disappeared from their Valentine’s Day picnic to Hanging Rock. February 14th is a linking date from Joan Lindsay’s original to Barbara Gurney’s Road to Hanging Rock. On the subject of research, Barbara and her husband visited Woodend, the town closest to the rock to check the details. It sounds like a quintessential Aussie country town. If you think you might like to go and explore it for your self check this link:

Visit Hanging Rock

I also discovered that the Hanging Rock is a pretty unusual formation called a mamelon, created 6.25 million years ago by stiff magma pouring from a volcanic vent and congealing in place. It is reputedly the best and most accessible mamelon in the world.

But as to the where abouts of  Miranda and Marion? Apart from the fact that the current day and the 1900’s time frames mysteriously meld, we were not given much of a clue.  Michael, the main character in Barbara’s Road to Hanging Rock, stumbles into the time meld and as he comes to terms with the experience, he and Rebecca are brought together, cue some romance…

So if you want to know any more than that – you will just have to read the book!




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