After the Event: Photography to “Capture the Essence”

Despite the horrid wet weather an enthusiastic band of 10 budding photographers turned up for our Photography for History Workshop.

Michale Pelusey presented a mix of photography skills, travel diary and tips for beginners in the 2 hours and everyone was completely absorbed in his presentation. Michael shared his secret formula for “capturing the essence” in a series of shots with a range of examples. Picture South Perth provided some historic examples of how, with a simple reframe, a singe shot can provide a wealth of information. What seems normal, regular and even passe to us here and now will be fascinating to future generations. The photo below demonstrates how including the house in the frame gives so much more information about the time than a close up of the boat alone.

COSP_PH_730-3 - Young boys in a row boat in front of the Park Family residence, 1911 (Out of Copyright)

Young boys in a row boat in front of the Park Family residence, 1911


Michael has traveled the world as a professional photographer and is clearly passionate about taking photos that “capture the essence” of the experience, whether it be for a holiday, a professional visit or just happy snaps of family and friends. He also holds concerns for historical records because so few people print photos for photo albums and because digital files are very susceptible to damage or corruption. He strongly reommends producing your own photo albums using the many online template album sites that are available. Below are some examples of the albums he brought along.

photo books

We are hoping to run future photography workshops with more practical time, when the weather improves.  Leave us a comment about the kind of photography workshop that would interest you.


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2 thoughts on “After the Event: Photography to “Capture the Essence”

  1. Gemma on said:


    Thanks for this information.

    Im not sure why but I do not receive the emails advising of such events. I seem to only receive the after the event info? Would you mind checking please you have the correct email address to be notified of them. It is

    Thanks very much.

    Also in regards to photography, I would be interested in how to get the most out of your SLR digital camera.

    Kind regards

    Gemma Trainer

    • tamaral2013 on said:

      Hi Gemma,
      I would be happy to add your email adress to our email newsletter which supplies advance notice of events if you contact me
      Hope to be adding more to the blog in the future… but going through IT upgrades has made our access limited 😉 Thanks for your comment – Tamara

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