After the Event: Local Girl Makes Good

LN_cover2-20130917104143529833-300x0A pretty girl in Penrhos uniform smiles at us. She looks like so many other youngsters of the time; healthy, fresh and full of potential.

Her name: Rabia Siddique.

On February 19th at Words with Wine, Rabia spoke to a full house who listened attentively for over an hour. Rabia spoke calmly about her journey from that young lady so determined to make a difference for others, to becoming a Crown Advocate. The journey was arduous and would have crushed a lesser individual. Along the way Rabia’s life experiences, much of them tragic and harsh, only fired her passion to do more for those unable to defend themselves. She became a lawyer with a passion for social justice. Later as a skilled and passionate military lawyer, Rabia was part of a terrifying hostage negotiation and subsequent rescue. Major Siddique’s significant role was not just ignored but actively supressed by the British Military. However Rabia’s determination to pursue “Equal Justice”  yielded results. Others in her shoes may have crumbled but Rabia held her ground and doggedly pursued the recognition her courage deserved. Years later Rabia was vindicated in a landmark discrimination case against the British Military.

This excellent interview tells the full story for those who are interested to find out more:

The Iron Lady by Greg Callaghan, The Age.

Or hear Rabia speak briefly about her experiences in this clip from the ABC via Youtube:


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