After the Event: Emmanuel Mollois – the ‘generous patissier’

Emmanuel delighted 100 lucky guests with stories of learning to speak English from watching Seinfeld, his daughter’s love of food, how to avoid choux pastry disasters and the original macaron, amongst other things. His passion for taking the appropriate time to produce quality French food was evident: “you can cook a meal in 15mins but you can’t cook a cake in that time… well, not one worth eating!”

Afterwards we enjoyed platters and platters of delicious sweet treats and cheeses washed down with some apple cider, pink Moscato or bubbly – there was even some French. Emmanuel then signed books and chatted with guests til 8.15pm. He was generous with his time as well as with the pastries he prepared for us.

This cute clip gives you an idea of Emmanuel’s style and he explains how to use his fabulous new book…. I’m hoping my Mum took the hint and got me a copy for christmas 😉

Here are just a few of the comments from guests:

“Had a lovely time 🙂 Very entertaining”

“Loved it!!”

“Great idea! I enjoy these!”

“Wonderful evening. Great speaker. Thank you”

“I attended the Words with Wine presentation last evening but did not have a chance to complete the feedback form. I do want to let you know though that I thoroughly enjoyed Emmanuel’s talk and was especially interested to hear his personal stories (how he came to Australia, about his initial struggles with English and how he came to open Bistro des Artistes). He came across as being very genuine and extremely generous and talented. He has published a lovely book that he can be really proud of. It was wonderful to be able to listen to him and then to sample such a range of delicious treats. I very much enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity. My thanks to Emmanuel for a very memorable presentation and to you Tamara for organising another great event.”


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