After the Event: Barry Heard -Well Done That Man

Barry Heard held us all spell bound as he quietly told the story of his life from the time he was drafted to the present day. People were visably moved as Barry described his experiences in combat and on returning home; both were gut wrenching. Barry’s natural tendancy to understate his experiences added to the drama and tragedy. And then Barry would share some small joke and lighten the moment.

Guys%20saying%20goodbye Each time Barry revisits his past, it is obvious that he is affected. Yet Barry presses on with the public speaking, despite the personal cost and we are the better for his efforts. Well Done Those Men is a remarkable book and Barry Heard is a remarkable man.

9781921215360Well Done Those Men has been quoted by police, politicians and priests. It is being used in schools and universities. The understanding and healing it has brought to Veterans and their families is priceless. The understanding it brings to ordinary Australians; those who were alive during the war and those for whom it is best known from the likes of Platoon, Good Morning Vietnam and Born on the Fourth of July is also priceless.

Well done Barry; your heroic efforts are appreciated.


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One thought on “After the Event: Barry Heard -Well Done That Man

  1. I really loved the read through — thanks !!

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