Rebel WITH a cause – Geraldine Cox

“Buckle up and prepare to take a roller coaster ride with Geraldine as she reveals for us a different kind of wealth” Geraldine Cox 003

Geraldine spoke from her heart about the reality of running the Sunrise Villages and her life journey. She spoke of her joy & the motivation found in the smiles, laughter and achievements of her hundreds of children as compared to the riches and privileges of life in the Australian Foreign Service.

Geraldine’s face lit up when she spoke of the transformations she witnessed, and indeed facilitated – destitute, sick and desperate children became healthy, trusting, educated and productive adults. She spoke with great affection about individual children. Smiles and laughter filled the hall.

And then a shadow fell across Geraldine’s face while speaking of the many unimaginable acts of violence and degradation that these children are exposed to; I doubt any of those present will easily forget Noodles or the Gradmother’s request for a $6 funeral. Tears were shed.

So how does Geraldine maintain her sanity and not feel completely helpless or overwhelmed?  Geraldine’s reply was pragmatic: “Do what you can, with what you have, and don’t worry about the things you can not change”

And the answer to these atrocities?  Money. Money that would be put to excellent use; with less than 10% of donations spent on administration. $90,000 per month is the maintenance cost and with every new child they take in the costs rise. Each child needs seven $40 sponsors to meet their daily needs. If anyone is moved to sponsor a child  click here

Geraldine Cox 007“Thank you for organising such an inspirational, wonderful speaker”

“Thanks – very worthwhile, great to have the opportunity to attend this event”

“Thank you – what a wonderful and important lady”

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations.


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