Geraldine Cox presents: ‘A Different Kind of Wealth’

Geraldine has a remarkable story to tell: a story about her own life and of the lives of the many children under her care. Geraldine is the co-founder of the Children’s Sunrise Village, a Cambodian organisation that is home to over 200 orphaned children. In this presentation, Geraldine will describe how she went from living a ‘hedonistic lifestyle’ whilst working for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs in the 1970’s, to living in battle ravaged Cambodia. A visit to the country in her youth changed the course of her life, as she was unable to forget the atrocities she bore witness to. She has since worked tirelessly over the years to create a safe haven for orphaned children, fearlessly debating with politicians and royalty to assist her in her plight.

Geraldine will describe the often harrowing past lives of the children in her care, some of whom have witnessed their loved ones’ deaths. Others have been forced to walk amongst fields littered with landmines to map out a safe path for grown men and soldiers too cowardly to go first. Geraldine will talk about those children who have grown up to contribute positively to society and those who have not.

Geraldine is the first Australian to ever be granted Cambodian citizenship by royal decree of Cambodia’s King in 1999. She has motivated people from all walks of life to help support the disadvantaged children who have come to call her ‘big mum’. Hollywood bought the film rights to her autobiography, ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ and the documentary about her life, ‘My Khmer Heart’ won the Hollywood Film Festival Documentary of the Year Award in 2000.

“Geraldine is one of the world’s most warm-hearted people.  She is also fearless and tireless and the orphanage, which now exists in politically easier times, was both born and survived entirely as a function of her vigour, generosity and humanity.”
Ambassador John Dauth, Australian Mission to the United Nations, New York

“There are a lot of decisions that she made, by her own admission, that could be deemed questionable. You always see the motives that are behind what she’s doing and her first priority is the children, you know, in the orphanage and she makes no bones about that, so I think that’s really admirable. She’s not a saint, she’s human. I was just incredibly moved by her and by her work.”
Matt Damon, Hollywood

‘Geraldine Cox has an extraordinary and important story to tell – and she tells it very well indeed.’
Phillip Adams, ABC Journalist, Sydney

South Perth Library – Community Halls

Corner South Terrace & Sandgate Street

Wednesday 18th September


 Light refreshments provided

gold coin2

*All proceeds go to the Children’s Sunrise Village.

Bookings essential: phone 9474 0800 or book online at:

Geraldine with Kids


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