After the Event: Michelle Nazaroff

Michelle has been through a lot in her life and in fact, has been close to death on more than one occasion. In this inspiring presentation Michelle described her youth as a determined horserider aspiring for Olympic gold in dressage. Her dreams were shattered after a severe horse riding accident broke Michelle’s neck, jamming her spine into the base of her skull. When Michelle was told she could never again undergo the gruelling training involved in professional horseriding, she fell into a deep depression, taking up smoking and drinking with the same level of passion she had reserved for her Olympic dream.

Eventually Michelle was forced to change her ways after a car accident that again could have cost her her life. Her parents gave her a membership to a gym in the hope of re-directing her energy and it was here she made some friends who persuaded her to attend a bodybuilding competition. Michelle was hooked straight away and vowed to get healthy and compete in the same competition herself the following year. Despite being diagnosed with a rare heart condition and undergoing heart surgery, Michelle bounced back and won the INBA Olympia World Natural Bodybuilding title. Michelle is now a raw food enthusiast with her own business, teaching and coaching clients to achieve their optimum health and fitness levels.



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