Shane McCarthy – After the Event

Shane McCarthy’s talk on Wednesday evening was a funny and engaging one and not just because of the subject matter. Shane is as lively in person as the characters he writes in his comics (minus the costumes and gadgets, though there was a very prominent Superman tattoo on his arm).

It was almost relieving to hear that this successful author wasn’t sure what to do as a career in his formative years and only decided to pursue writing in his mid 20’s. After an offer of a job through a friend to write for Neighbours, Shane decided to travel to America to pursue his dream of writing comic books. As luck would have it, he unwittingly struck up a conversation in a bar with the chief editor of a large publishing firm and went on to write his first widely published works for DC Comics in 2004; Batman. Shane has since been commissioned to write for some of the biggest names in comics and is enjoying every minute: 

‘If I wasn’t being paid to write, I would write anyway…I love it….There are a million ideas in my head and the main problem I have is with choosing what to use and where… I have not, touch wood, ever had a problem with writer’s block. ‘

What’s Shane’s secret to avoiding writer’s block? 

‘I work on multiple projects at a time to avoid getting stuck. If I ever come to a point where I’m not sure which direction to take a story, I take a break and come back fresh or work on a different story for a while.’ 

Want to learn more about comics?? There’s still time to book in to graphic illustrator and novelist Justin Randall’s interactive workshop next week at South Petrh Library: Thursday 29 November, 5pm – 6pm. Call 9474 0800 or visit: to book online. Remember: it’s FREE!!


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