After the Event: Edwin Bradley

Mountaineer, cyclist and enviably fit adventurer Edwin Bradley regaled a sizeable crowd at South Perth Library yesterday evening with tales of his travels.  Edwin has accomplished some amazing feats in his lifetime, including scaling Mount Everest, which was the main focus of his talk. The expedition certainly was epic and one got the feeling that Edwin truly enjoyed talking about it even 15 years on. The climb took place only after years of preparation, which involved trips to New Zealand and the USA for tehnical training. Edwin also undertook a gruelling fitness regime that involved walking with a 25kg backpack, trekking through loose sand, swimming and climbing countless numbers of stairs.

Unlike hundreds of others who have lost their lives in their attempts to scale the mountain, Edwin lived to tell the tale, despite temperatures of minus 35 degrees and dizzying altitudes in which even an oxygen mask only reduced the risks of oxygen deprivation by a fraction. The pictures shown of the climb were beautiful and really put into perspective just how insignificant and small a person can seem against the sweeping backdrop of Everest.

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2 thoughts on “After the Event: Edwin Bradley

  1. I couldn’t have done it either and almost certainly would have been another sad statistic, but yes; well done to Edwin.

    Next month is Comic book month with Shane McCarthy and Justin Randall… Exciting!

  2. narellep on said:

    Sounds like Everest was an epic undertaking. Couldn’t do it myself but well done to Edwin. Look forward to hearing about your next talk

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