Thinking ‘Sustainability’

So, as you may know, September is all about sustainability. In the interest of contributing to protecting this great big world of ours, here are a few thing you could try.
For the kids, there is a book called ‘Recipe for perfect planet pie / Kim Toft’ which reads like a cook book with recipes. The recipes are ones that will nurture and sustain our planet.
For the adults who would love to relax out in the beautiful spring weather, there is a book called ‘My Gardening Year / Shirley Stackhouse’ which is loaded with advice on how to make your gardens perfect taking into account climate change, water and sustainability.
Come and check out the books all about sustainable living in the grass area at the front of the library.
And remember, we have Ray Wills, Professor at UWA coming to give a presentation on sustainability. See previous blog entry for details.


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