Competition: *Aussies at the Olympics*

You subscribe to our Blog, so you could be a winner! 

Answer the following questions below about Aussies at the Olympics for your chance to win a prize. Alternatively, follow Southperthlib on twitter for more chances to win by finding and answering the tweeted Olympic questions. Simply send all competition entries to: along with your name and library card number. Be sure to include either Blog Competition or Twitter Competition in the email’s subject heading. You are welcome to enter one, or both competitions: winners will be contacted at the end of August.

 …And now for the questions…

Q1. Which two nations are currently leading the medal tally in the London 2012 Olympic Games?

Q2. In which sport did Australia recently win its fifth gold medal?

Q3. Sally Pearson won gold for Australia this year in which event?

Q4. Who is Australia’s top all time Olympic medal winner?

Q5. Australia won gold in yachting at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics with the winner being Australia’s oldest ever gold medallist at 59 years of age. Who was this gold medallist?

Good luck!


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