Who loves Harry?

You know how the final Harry Potter movie is being released on DVD this month? Well, we thought we would celebrate the release of HP7 (Part Two) this week with

 TWO competitions!

For the first competition you need to get on down to Manning or South Perth Library and pick up a quiz entry form, fill it in and drop it in the entry box. Easy peasy! (Well, actually some of the questions are rather tricky)

For the second competition you will need to correctly answer the seven questions below.

We have two rocking sets of all seven books with the eight Harry DVDs to give away to the winners of each competition!

Who Loves Harry? Competition Two – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Email your answers along with your library card number and a contact phone number to:  Librarian Megan –  library@southperth.wa.gov.au

Question 1. What momentous event was the reason that the members of the Order of the Phoenix felt it necessary to move Harry out of the Dursley’s house?

Question 2. Who informed Harry, Ron and Hermione of the bequests left to them in Dumbledore’s will?

Question 3. How did Harry learn that the Horcrux was hidden at Hogwarts?

Question 4. How did Harry get the locket/Horcrux to open?

Question 5. Instead of being given to Harry, as indicated in Dumbledore’s will, Godric Gryffindor’s sword was locked up in a vault. How did Harry learn that the sword locked up in Gringotts was actually a fake?

Question 6. Why did Voldemort kill Snape?

Question 7. Name Harry and Ginny Potter’s children?

Conditions of Entry
1 entry per person.
Entry is open to all City of South Perth library members.
Entries will be drawn Friday December 9th.
Winners will be notified by telephone.
The winner will be drawn at random. All answers must be correct

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One thought on “Who loves Harry?

  1. Unfortunately im not a member 😦

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