After the Event: Bibbulmn Track Presentation

Theo Kalogeracos
In search of the perfect pizza

Turn out was great for our Bibbulmn Track talk with just under thirty of you coming along. The only complaints we got in the feedback was that it was too short! Apparently there is too much to talk about in one sitting on the wonders of the Bibbulmn track.

Remember to book in for our upcoming events, we have Master Pizza Chef Theo Kalogeracos, from Little Caesars Pizzeria, coming in to show everyone how to cook the perfect pizza (event costs $5 but you get to eat some great pizza!). Wednesday the 21st of September, 11.00 am – 12.30 pm at South Perth Library. Contact South Perth library on 9474 0800 to book.

Our Author for September is the wonderful Natasha Lester author of the 2008 TAG Hungerford Award for Fiction What is Left Over, After. Natasha will be appearing at Manning library on Wednesday the 28th of September, 6.00 – 7.00pm. Contact Manning library on 9474 0822 to book in for this great event.


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