Blood Meridian, or, The evening redness in the west

Cormac McCarthy is an author with a unique talent for prose and this title is certainly not for everyone, equal parts beautiful and violent. His style is economical with descriptions of characters or events never becoming banal, indeed it is the style that is captivating despite where the story leads you.

 Themes of conscience, power and evil are all big players in this novel as are the many and varied horrific scenes of brutality. Judge Holden is a character not easily forgotten and I can say that some of his dissertations were difficult to digest and comprehend but this only adds to the almost dream like atmosphere the novel is drenched with, plus making it very re-readable.

 The American Wild West completely unsanitised. If you are looking for something different this is it, there is no going back once you have read it.

Reviewed by Kim


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