Guest Post by Jenna – Stinky Boys, Stinky Girls

I wish there was some way I could get a hold of my borrower history from when I visited the school library in primary school. I often wonder what kind of books I was into and if I was one of those kids who got the same book out over and over because it was one of my ‘favourites’. And now that I have grown up (only a little bit) it makes me think I should have worked my memory a little bit harder and should remember these kind of things…. Anyway…this is the part where I tell you how excited I get when I stumble across one of my ‘favourites’ from my childhood.

I was in a bookshop, and the cover of this book caught my eye. I read the title and thought ‘hmmm still no idea!’, but picked it up and started flicking through. Then there was this magical infusion of illustrations, storyline and awesome characters and thought ‘ahah!’ and cracked a big grin across my face. It was the ‘I hate Fridays’ collection, written by Rachel Flynn and illustrated by Craig Smith. Craig’s illustrations smack me in the face every time I see them, I’m just drawn to them. The collection is made up of 5 books in total and follows seven very different characters who attend Koala Hills school. The characters take you on a journey with them from Year 4 to Year 8, with a different book being dedicated to each school year. They talk about stinky boys, stinky girls, annoying boys, annoying girls, stupid PE teachers, trying to con mum into thinking you are sick and that you should have the day off school, who is going out with who and how annoying the seating arrangement is that the teacher decided on for the term.

I remember reading this book when I was probably about ten years old. It must of resonated with me because I remember reading it more than once, and I still get the same joy out of reading it today. But now that I am a smidge older I can see how clever Flynn’s writing is and how well she understands the minds of children and teens and conveys that to readers on paper. Yes, I have a copy of the collection at home. And yes, it’s one of those ones that doesn’t move from my bedside table. Young or old can enjoy this one…I certainly still get a giggle and a kick out of reading it! It gets 5/5 in my book! (come on…I’m just a big kid…) (We have two copies at the library so get your mitts on one!)




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