The magic that is ‘Fantasia’!

While not quite as I remembered it, watching Disneys ‘Fantasia’ again for the first time since childhood brought back some memories. The fun, the music and the creativity served as a reminder of all the small simple things in life that get forgotten in the day-to-day rush of everyday. Fantasia is now available on DVD in the library and you can also check out ‘Fantasia 2000’, which contains a mixture of some of the original fantasia alongside new pieces.  Just in case you are not at all familiar with ‘Fantasia’ it is a sequence of animations set to well known classical music. The idea of it was to represent the pictures that your mind creates while listening to the music. My favourite would have to be the Nutcracker sequence! What is your favourite sequence?

x The Sorcerers Apprentice Librarian


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