Since pets are a big commitment, the more you know about them the more you will be able to provide a happy and healthy environment for them. The library has a great selection of books which will not only help you in choosing a pet but will give you advice on how to care for them once you have taken them home. 

Got a naughty puppy? We have books filled with handy tips!

Got a guppy and need to know how to set up a nice tank? We have lots of fishy books to help.

Got cats, rabbits, birds, lizards, mice, guinea pigs, beetles, axolotls, frogs or a python?

Just head to call number 636 in the non-fiction section or ask your helpful librarian.

Plus, if your kids are animal lovers the RSPCA runs some great activities. More information can be found at 

x The Cat Librarian


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