Bam! Crash! Kapow!

Hey there secret super-hero people, we need your help! We are reviewing our collection of graphic novels and want to know what’s missing from our mighty fine collection.

Graphic novels? you ask.

Yes! Those awesome amalgamations of words and pictures!

Aren’t they just for kids? you ask.

What?! You thought they were only for kids? No way – there is a graphic novel out there for everyone! From epic super-hero sagas to dark dystopian futures, from classic works of shakespeare to haunting tales of the holocaust, from biographical beauty to hysterically funny stories.

But maybe we are missing something? Maybe there is something that we really really really should have and don’t! (EEP!) So, use your super awesome powers of amazingness and let us know! (And we will try very hard to get it into the collection.)

Now, where did i leave my cape?


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