Sink your teeth into…..True Blood!

So far one of my favourite TV shows around, True Blood is making a big fuss around the world. If you havent heard of such thing, then you missing out! It is about vamipres and humans, learning to co-exsist in the same world and the emotions and beliefs that come in between this becoming a easy reality.

The TV Series is based on Southern Vamipe Mysteries series written by Charlaine Harris. There are 11 books in this series of vampire books:

  • Dead until dark
  • Living dead in dallas
  • Club dead
  • Dead to the world
  • Dead as a doornail
  • Definitely dead
  • All together dead
  • From dead to worse
  • Dead and gone
  • A touch of dead
  • Dead in the family

And our libraries have this series of books! Come and check out these great, addictive novels! The libraries also have the TV Series 1 &2 on DVD, each episode so much more addictive than the previous, so make sure you have plenty of time to relax to watch it as it is hard to stop!! But it is definitely for years 18+.

Below is a preview for the first season of True Blood.


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