Toys for the whole family to enjoy!

I was super excited for the new toy story movie and I was blown away. I just recently seen toy story 3 on the big screen and I thought it was an amazing end to the toy story trilogy. It was funny, exciting and original. The movie was about discovering new friendships, relationships and working together as a team. It has been 11 years since toy story 2 and I thought to myself that the movies were individual and didn’t hint a fact that there could be a toy story 3. So at the start of Toy story 3, it had started off with Andy as a kid, playing with his favourite toys, Woody, Buzz Light-year and the gang. He has such an imagination and had all toys involved in his story telling. It then goes to a scene where Andy is all grown up and is ready for college and he has to clean out his room for the big move. He comes across his old buddies, but only wants to take Woody to college with him and the rest of the toys were to go up into the attic. But something goes wrong and this is where the trouble begins. The toys end up in a day care centre and they get introduced to a whole heap of brand new toys that seem nice on the outside but have a secret mission that the other toys don’t approve of. It has a great voicing cast such as Tim Allen (Buzz Light-year) and Tom Hanks (Woody) who were in the previous two movies. Over all I would rate this movie 4 stars and a big thank you to Pixar for a great end to the final of the Toy story movies.


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