My Endless Love

So. The new Twilight movie-picture is out at the cinemas this week. I’m going to assume you all* love the whole shameless saga as much as I do. (Shh, it is my hidden shame!) Which really leaves only one question – Team Edward or Team Jacob? We ran a competition in the library to find out where your allegiance lies – and the results are in!

Team Edward – 46% of you would hold hands with the sparkly vampire boy.

Team Jacob – 46% of you would hold the wolf-boy’s hairy hand.

Team Zombie – 8% of you would rather hold the detached hand of an undead zombie boy. (Yes, I know there are no zombies in Twilight. A girl can wish – can’t she?)

*whistles* Who knew that the results would be a dead-tie? (Ha! I made a funny!) Leave a comment on this post and let me know where your allegiance lies. I have a copy of Eric by Shaun Tan to give away to a lucky commenter.

*Yes, yes, i know that there are those among us who would rather watch dust settle on the library shelves.


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One thought on “My Endless Love

  1. Marielle Sloss on said:

    Being somewhat older than your usual reader of the twilight series i wold have to give my vote to Edward……..Edward is a youthful version of James Dean who I had hanging on my bedroom wall for many years in the 70’s

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