Book review : Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan

I read this book in one fell swoop and loved it. I knew I loved John Green’s clever writing, but now I love David Levithan too. This book is about friendship, and love, and loving girls, and loving boys too, and heartbreak, and depression, and sexuality and that whole big angsty mess of being a person – who happens to be a teenager too. It’s funny. And romantic. And heartbreaking. I’m going to give it to my brother – who never reads books – I think he’ll love it too.

Will Grayson’s best friend is about to stage the world’s gayest musical. What would you do if your best friend had written you into his fabulous high-school musical – and you didn’t come off so well? What would you do if you decided to break all your own rules, and maybe start to think a little bit about falling for a girl who isn’t your type?

Will Grayson is depressed. What would you do for love? What would you do if you were betrayed?

Once Will and Will meet, in the most peculiar of circumstances, their world’s begin to intertwine as the books races towards unexpected romantic conclusions and the epic production of Tiny Dancer.

The writing in this book, especially the dialogue, is sharp. The characters were oh so real to me, and i loved them all. There are places where I laughed out of my nose and other places where my heart cracked just a tiny little bit.

Five big gold stars out of five!


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