Trials & Trilogies

Special guest post from Elspeth

If you love reading fantasy books then you would have experienced the delight as well as the frustration of trilogies. More often than not fantasy books are part of a series, often trilogies but sometimes quartets or quintets or even more! While this can be fantastic if you are really enjoying the story it can also be a big annoyance when either; you can’t quite work out the order of the books in the series or, when the library you are borrowing the books from has book 1 and 3 but not book 2! While it seems that this shouldn’t happen it nevertheless happens more than we would like as books can be lost or damaged or circulating at other libraries in vast quantities. So don’t despair! But instead ask the library if they can obtain a copy of the missing title for you so that the story can be continued.


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