Magazine Review : Cosmopolitan

Reviewed by Krystel.

Comso magazine is based on the age group from about 20-40 years of age. It covers a whole range of of subjects from friends to sex to love and everything in between. It is a monthly magazine and although each magazine is different it tends to cover quite a few of the topics regularly.

It is great for anyone who is shy or has any questions about topics that they are often to scared to ask someone face to face. It has real life stories, advice and confessions. It also has mini mags within the magazine itself – Cosmo Health and Cosmo World. There arent as many advertisments like other magazines which is great because you are paying for the information within the mag and theres plently of that. There is a celebrity on the cover of each issue and somewhere within the mag there is a interview with that person. The questions they ask go more indepth about that celebrity and don’t often ask what every other media forms does.

I like reading this magazine because it focuses on my age group and gives good advice, it is also a good laugh when reading about certain topics. Over all I would rate this magazine 4 out of 5.


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