Book review : Marching Powder by Rusty Young

Reviewed by Jenna.

Marching Powder is a bizarre insight into San Pedro Prison in South America. On arrival, inmates are required to purchase their own cell, all of which are dedicated their own hotel-style rating. They run their own restaurants and businesses inside, and wives and children are allowed to reside with them. Money is essential to survival, life is rough, and the prison officers and administrators are nothing short of dodgy. The inner workings of San Pedro are told through the experiences of Thomas McFadden, a British male charged with trafficking 850g of cocaine and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. Rusty Young doesn’t sugar coat any of the stories that McFadden has shared with him, and at times is written so nonchalantly you have to do a double-read and say to yourself ‘why didn’t I react to that?!’. Check out the website for the book which includes photographs and interesting tid-bits at I give it four big ones out of five.


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One thought on “Book review : Marching Powder by Rusty Young

  1. Really good read. Rollercoasting through prison life in Bolivia. Bratt Pitt’s production company is reputed to be putting together the Marching Powder film too.

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