Alternative Investigation

This special guest post is from Kim. 

 While the subject may be deemed by some as morbid, I find the investigation into aircraft accidents to be fascinating. The information retrieved by specialists and engineers from a cockpit voice recorder and a flight data recorder popularly referred to as the black box provide a wealth of information, along with an array of other sources these describe how events, service logs and material analysis reveal answers to sometimes baffling circumstances.

 One book title I can recommend is Air disaster Volume 1 by Macarthur Job who is a well respected WA pilot. Although very technical in detail it is a comprehensive book of historical, commercial accidents. It is available via Interlibrary loan.

On a lighter note follow this link to a reconstruction of Flight 1549 ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ with commentary from the Captain Sullenberger, First Officer Skiles and New York Departure.


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