Doctor Who?

Sorry for the blog break there folks, what with school holidays and such we lost track of time and now it is almost May!

Perhaps the most pressing thing we need to discuss is… what do you think of the new Doctor Who? I’m still making my mind up (after all, it is a tradition to initially dislike the new Doctor – no matter how much we may come to love him later) Chatting to a few other Who fans here at the library, they also seem to be witholding judgement.

The two things bugging me most about our new Doctor, two episodes in, are:

1) That bowtie. I can’t say I’ve ever really loved a Doctor with a bowtie.

2) In episode two I felt he was very undoctorly – would our dear Doctor REALLY give up and take the option he was going to? Really? (Sorry if that sounds a bit vague – trying not to spoil it for anyone yet to see the ep)

So, dear Who fans. The beginning of a new Doctor’s tenure seems a good time to ask… Who is your favourite Doctor?

Mine is still, after all this time, unashamedly Tom Baker. He was the Doctor of my childhood and as such I will always love him. (David Tenant is a very close second though!)

Let me know your favourite in the comments! (And also if you’d like us to have some Dr Who events at the library. Maybe we could build our own daleks?)

If you can’t decide who your favourite Doctor is pop into the library – we have heaps of Dr Who dvds of past seasons for you to reminisce over. And we also have books and graphic novels featuring our dear Doctor.

Ps – I want a starwhale.


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