A Week Of Things

I saw the terrible yellow eyes! And I was delighted and scared and filled with wildness. On Monday night Francine and I went to a preview of Where The Wild Things Are, and I loved it. It was true to the spirit of the book, the CGIwas lovely and non-intrusive, and it had that magical feel of the films I loved from my own (not so long ago) childhood. Films of myth and fable, and darkness and light like The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth. Have you seen it? What did you think?

There has been a bit of discussion about the scariness of the film. I liked Maurice Sendak’s response very much.

We have also had the ARIAs in the last week or so, with much hoopla and sing-songery. Have a look at our range of CDs and DVDs – we are adding more new stuff all the time.

And tomorrow there will be cake! I love this time of year for many things – like cake and overindulgence – but especially for a reason to pore over recipe books. Creating imaginary menus from crazy-complicated recipes before turning to old favourites, and flicking through pages and pages of food photographed in ways to make the heart flutter. We have just bought a stack of new books including… Jamie’s America and She’s Leaving Home – both of which are so very lovely to look at, and inspire grand thoughts of cookery.

AND the new Delicious magazine has just come in – such a YUMMY edition! I will be trying out Jamie Oliver’s Rasberry & Ginger Fizz cocktails as a way to make the 40 degree weekend a little more bearable.

Have a wonderful fizzygood Friday everyone!


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